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This site is dedicated to providing our visitors with exceptional value, complete honesty and affordable prices on a wide variety of products, services and income opportunities!

Our Products & Services

SyntheticsBest.Com Your source for the finest Synthetic Lubricants for autombiles, trucks, marine engines, motorcycles, lawn and garden vehicles and equipment for personal and commercial applications. The product line includes the finest quality synthetic motor oils, synthetic diesel oils, gear lubes, synthetic greases, industrial lubricants, oil filters, air filters and automotive performance products. The absolute best with product data to back it up.

NoveltyandGift.Com Shop and save buying top sellers in gifts, novelties, collectibles, home, garden, unique, special occasion, seasonal and holiday decorations. Give your home a makeover indoors and out with our selections of unique home, garden, nautical, african, western, far east, kitchen, spiritual and religious decorations. Search or browse through our listings and discover the awesome selection of new products. We have something for everyone on your shopping list.

Altrum Online ALTRUM Nutritional Supplements are your foundation for good health. These products are a powerful line-up of the "World's Best" Multis and Enzymes, Superfoods, A.J.'s Signature Formulas and Technical Supplements. Formulated with the highest-quality ingredients available, each supplement provides the nutrients you may not get through your diet alone.

Income Opportunites

Become an AMSOIL Dealer: AMSOIL products are sold through independent Dealers. People like you. People who want extra money, something to do in their spare time, even a full-time business.You can start an independent AMSOIL Dealership for under $50 and put as much -- or as little -- time into it as you want. The outstanding products offered by AMSOIL comprise a rock-solid base upon which to build your business.

  • Minimal start-up fee
  • No inventory requirements
  • No territory restrictions
  • No capital investment
  • No employee expenses or requirements

The current trend in the United States is small business. Owning your own business guarantees you the freedom to work on your own terms and the opportunity to set your own goals. AMSOIL offers all the advantages of a franchise without the large initial investment. There are many advantages to the AMSOIL opportunity that you simply won't find in other business opportunities.

And above all, AMSOIL provides Dealers with an excellent support system to help them develop their businesses. Brochures, tapes, regular meetings, technical services -- everything you need to begin and build your business is available from AMSOIL.

Contact your local AMSOIL Dealer at SyntheticsBest.Com for information on becoming an AMSOIL Dealer, or
request more information from AMSOIL.

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